Here you can find a short list of the better-known works in my repertoire. I have given public concert performances of all works listed here. I am currently learning a few extra works for this year’s programme of concerts. To my concert repertoire.

Under complete repertoire you will find all the works which I have learnt over the past years, including my repertoire of Lieder and chamber music. This list is constantly updated.

Chamber music projects and Lieder recitals are very dear to my heart as performance settings where music is truly food for the soul. I relish the challenge of creating a translucent and lively soundscape, together with a small ensemble of diverse instruments and voices.

In pursuit of this ideal, I have worked with the following ensembles (in alphabetical order): Capriccio Basel, La Ciacconda, les Cornets Noirs, Elbipolis Hamburg, Ensemble Le buisson prospérant, and the piano duos Derron – Urech and Soós – Haag

If you are a promoter or impresario, please feel free to book any of the programmes listed or to devise a recital based on these. Don’t be shy about contacting me with your interests.